Machine Learning, Big Data & Algorithm

Machine learning, Big Data, and Algorithms, Oh My! These were my thoughts as I walked into a conference with limited knowledge in this field of tech. I was invited to represent Girls in Tech Paris at the AI for Finance conference organized by Startup Inside. As someone with a passion for tech and interest but no educational background in finance, I was eager to attend the conference and to learn how this form of technology is transforming a seemingly old school industry.  Startup Inside group is a leading ecosystem of experts in Open innovation, AI and Entrepreneurship operating in four … Continue reading Machine Learning, Big Data & Algorithm

The Magic Of DeepFake

We’ve seen many forms of  deepfake tricks over the past few years, where videos of famous people and celebrities are run through some artificial intelligence algorithms to let them say anything, and this new technology is being developed to be harder to detect. The new system lets users write some scripts and have those words spoken back,  is like putting words in people’s mouth. This could be used to fix small problems in an acting performance in movies production, but they also acknowledge that their creation could be used for more evil uses. A special mechanism is applied to smooth the … Continue reading The Magic Of DeepFake

The Use of Social Medias in the Rise and Spread of Demonstrations

In its strict definition, the term “Social media” refers to the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue. Social medias can assume a large spectrum of forms including blogs, forums, business networks, photo-sharing platforms, social gaming, microblogs, chat apps, and last but not least social networks. And, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or their younger siblings Snapchat and Instagram, social medias have a daily role in our lives. Indeed, every day we spend in average 7 hours on internet. Hours during which we find ourselves liking a post, retweeting, sharing a story, watching a … Continue reading The Use of Social Medias in the Rise and Spread of Demonstrations

Recommendation system:

ICP article: Recommendation system with data science: What is a recommendation system? A recommendation system (or engine) is an algorithm which stocks and analyzes data from users of a platform to be able to predict their likings and aversions, providing them with content similar to the one they used to watch or they seem to like. It relies on either the characteristics of the things the users like or on the ratings of other users similar to its. Nevertheless, it is possible to combine the two. How does it work? There exist different types of recommendation system: I-The item based … Continue reading Recommendation system:

Crime Forecasting Using Regression Model

The following article is an example of simple linear regression. Linear regression is a linear approximation of the causal relationship between two or more variables. Since this is a simple linear regression, it is the causal relationship between two variables. In this case, I try to find the causal relationship between the number of properties (independent variable) and the number of burglaries (dependent variable) in the USA from 2009 to 2018(*). In this way, I try to predict the number of burglaries using the number of properties. NumPy is a third-party package that enables us to work with the multidimensional … Continue reading Crime Forecasting Using Regression Model